Support is auto-magically delicious

Most of the time I love tech support. We do important work for people ranging from other support professionals to lay people who are not comfortable with their computer or anything new. Sometimes this involves some truly odd requests or comments.

Some of this week’s gems include:

Fun with LDAP connection strings. I learned a lot about them and AD best practices this week. Here were the sources I used this week.

The end result (which I am sure everyone but me knew) is that you can completely drop the organizational units (OUs) from your string. Especially important if you have a complex Active Directory forest(s).

Some people think that version x.x.6 is more recent than x.x.28. I pretty much had to dig through my email for the actual release dates.

That anti-virus software can and will completely slow down a computer.

Not really news, but seeing the software you support load in chunks is weird. In related news, at least this specific anti-virus didn’t quarantine the executable when printing.

Lastly, I was offered a tip for tech support. That was also a bit odd. I made some comment about ethics in games journalism and politely said no thank you.