Graduation date? Sometime near never.

Yes, I almost always look this grumpy.
Yes, I almost always look this grumpy.

I’m Seanna Lea. I am 40 years old and going back to school for the 3rd 2nd time (two classes at UMass Boston probably don’t count, right?). My first time through was in the early 90s. I was studying biochemistry at Wellesley, but I didn’t love lab and I certainly wasn’t brave enough to look for internships or research opportunities. I definitely wasn’t a scientist even though I was working on a degree in one of the hard sciences.

Fast forward 20+ years *cough*. I’m married. I have a son. Until recently, I even had the kind of job that is theoretically not available to someone without a degree. Now, I work in tech support, handling databases and software and users to hopefully make everyone and everything happy. When I’m not at work and not at home giving my little boy a hug, I’m in school, studying computer science. I’m set to graduate in something like forever from now with pretty close to 200 credits. Right now I am taking some basic programming classes in C++, which would be more like review if my last language hadn’t been Java about 10 years ago.

Feel free to join me as I write about the funny worlds of programming, tech support, and parenting. I’d love to commiserate with you over the pile of homework on the desk, the dishes in the sink, and the laundry folded but not put away.

This blog is for all of that, but it is also so that my son can understand when he is older the work I put in when he was young, so we can value our times together that much more.